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Happy Clients

Brent Young, Professor and Department Head, Cleveland Institute of Art
Eddie and Angela, you have always been available, for follow through and trouble-shooting especially for setting things up. "Talking Us Through" set up so patiently is an incredible gift. You and Angela have shown us great patience and the sharing of information is exceptional, especially when trying to custom solve a particular situation that may be peculiar to specific area of need. We have now three studios including CIA in Cleveland ( Maybe four) that are using Wet Dog expertise, bringing us into the 21th century for combustion systems that are controllable, recuperation systems that are necessarily efficient and timely, and service that is exceptional. Measuring the exhaust temperature on the Furnace that we recently built, we have dropped the temperature to less than 800 degrees, all that waste heat flowing back into the furnace, preheating the combustion air, this must be a considerable savings. Always appreciate your help in keeping us sustainable and efficient.

David Powers, Colorado Rocky Mountain School of Craft, Carbondale
Wet Dog = furnace bliss! With thirty five years of building kilns, burner systems, and steel fabrication, I had plenty of more than enough knowledge to build a furnace. But I didn't have the design experience for a glass furnace. My Wet Dog 240lb. crucible furnace is brilliantly designed and built with solid craftsmanship. It is reliable, a pleasure to use, and stands up to student use. I love my Wet Dog gloryhole and annealer, too! Great products, great service.

Mike Gnad, Technicial Assistant, Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Wet Dog Glass supplied an on-time delivery and installation of our new, very well-equipped hotshop, which included many customized equipment options. Unlike some other vendors, their customer support didn't end when the shipment arrived. Any problems we've encountered with our equipment have been very quickly addressed at no additional cost to us.

Robin Cass, Professor in Glass Dept, School for American Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology
At RIT, we have chosen Wet Dog kilns and combustion equipment for their efficiency, reliability, and durability. Wet Dog glory holes and annealers stand up to constant use by students at all levels, and are designed to require minimal maintenance. When there's been a need for technical support or consultation, Eddie and Angela have always been responsive. Their employees are also extremely capable and willing to help whenever needed. I'm sure we'll continue to work with Wet Dog as we expand and upgrade our facilities.

Sarah Gilbert, Lead Hot Shop Technician, Museum of Glass
"We love the glory holes we have from Wet Dog Glass. The Museum of Glass has been using Wet Dog's glory holes just about everyday of the year for six years now, and for such a wide range of techniques, and still run like they were built yesterday. The people at Wet Dog are so friendly and supportive as well. They have always been willing to answer any questions we have, and continue to give us technical support over the phone whenever it may be needed."

Slate Grove, Penland School of Crafts
Our studio utilizes: 2 Wet Dog day tanks, 3 Wet Dog glory holes, 2 Wet Dog color boxes and 2 very large Wet Dog annealers to accommodate 16 hot shop classes with 200+ students per year. I have been overseeing the studio for over a year now, and could not be more pleased with not only the functionality of the Wet Dog equipment, but also the remarkable safety systems that have been integrated into the equipment and the incredible technical support I have received from Wet Dog Glass. For the use, and abuse, that is absorbed by an educational studio with such quick turnover between classes, the Wet Dog equipment is holding up remarkably well, we are using less energy than ever and our studio has never operated so quietly.

Takeshi Tsujino, Osaka, Japan
The energy consumption on my furnace has dropped by about 10%!!!! Which is very big for us because we are spending about USD$3000 every month. We are saving $3600 a year!! Isn't it great? THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !! All the best, Takeshi Tsujino

Tom Kreager, Professor of Art and Chair of the Department, Hastings College
OH MAN! We just finished setting up our new glass facility at Hastings College with all Wet Dog Glass equipment. The equipment was delivered when promised in great shape, Matt Sears came out for a week and schooled us on how to work the equipment and help bring the furnaces up to temp. Aside from that the equipment is beautiful. I will order from Wet Dog again as needs arise not just because of the equipment but also the service and help whenever we needed it. We have gone from a 600 to a 2600 square foot studio. 5 glory holes, 2 560 furnaces, pipe warmer and garage combo, pipe warmer, color over, 4 annealers. Thanks to everyone at Wet Dog Glass, Tom Kreager